About BATA

We are the British American Theater Academy, formed in 2016 with Tony Branch, founding Director of the British American Drama Academy in London, as Director.

The Academy aims to enable talented Americans to work with outstanding, talented practitioners—an essential ingredient in a theatrical career—and vital for those as they transition from drama students who learn to actors who practice.  

Why? Because it is truly the chance of a lifetime

Acting students have very varying teachers to help them improve their skills. Many colleges and universities choose the teachers in their drama departments on the basis of their academic ability. This is of course thoroughly justifiable since students attend major universities in order to obtain academic credentials.

It is therefore not surprising that many acting students have little chance to work with experienced practitioners of the theater arts and no chance at all to work closely with outstanding professional actors and directors.

The British American Theater Academy provides the remedy for this, though only for a comparatively small group of students. Those who take part in the Midsummer in Santa Fe Advanced Shakespeare Program will work intensely and closely with some of the leading members of the British and American theater professions. We know  this experience will help them hugely as they transfer from their work at college to their careers in the theater and in film. Many students find the demands of graduate programs, on their time and their money, to be beyond what they can afford. Our one-month program offers a short program of unrivaled quality. We believe it to be the chance of a lifetime. Practical experience of theater at its highest level is invaluable and should be indispensable.



The program is sponsored by Heritage Hotels.

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